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Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012
Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012 PC Game(cover)

Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012 is a fighting game that is fun to play. For you lovers of manga animation series, you must also like this game. Naruto is a manga animated figures of the most popular and most favored, and this time I share the background of fighting game Naruto animated series. And this time I share the latest version of the naruto games.

Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012 The distinction between this version with the previous mugen is concerning a way to coordinate 2P button whereas enjoying, though the mugen eleven still not overcome. a complete of eighty seven full character in naruto, that character picker, not a dozen press the button to pick a personality as sturdy as in mg.11 sounds but the eleven however they knocked on skin the previous (and abundant nicer) every character incorporates a vary of 5-6 skin, skin is over a dozen guy invariably tell you ways to use the skin: it's straightforward  


Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012 PC Game(1)
Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012 PC Game(2)
Naruto Mugen: New Era 2012 PC Game(3)

System Requirements
  • Windows XP/7
  • 800 MHz Pentium IV or Better
  • 512 RAM
  • 32 MB VRAM
  • 700 MB Free Space 

>> Download Naruto Mugen PC Game Full Version <<
| Mediafire | 700 MB |
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